belgian waterslagers and goldfinches

Two best singing species.

********** carduelis goldfinch Care ****

  • The diet has two phases:

One for the acclimation and adjustment period,and another which is slowly adjusted by the following spring for the breeding season. The first phase consists almost exclusively of niger and oat groats. I sometimes include some sunflower seed, and some hemp seed. As spring approaches,canary mix seed is introduced,and the quantity of oat groats is reduced.also,other food such as grit,greens( spinach,dandelion,chicories or endive).during the breeding season, the nestling food is essential .

  • Housing the E. goldficnhes:

 It is very important to house the E. goldfinches in larger cages rather than a small canary cages.they seem to do very well in flights or aviaries and there is a good chance they can breed in there.

  • Sexing the E.goldfinches:

The sexes are very similar,but the adult male has black on the forpart of the wing between the shoulders and the bend of the wing.Meanwhile, the female shows soft grayishbrown in this area.Males also can be distinguished by greater amounts of red in the face,but this is unreliable since there is some fading in captivity.







Prime rose plants are given to goldfinches during the molting season in order to help them getting a much brighter mask and feathers.