belgian waterslagers and goldfinches

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Belgian waterslagers






 The Belgian Waterslager or le 'canari malinois' is one of the best type song canary,if not the best there is, and it has been around for many centuries. Originating in Belgium,this wonderful bird has its song developed through out the years, only to give us now days a beautiful song which anybody can like and enjoy.

  • Housing waterslagers: Raising the Belgian waterslagers in big cages and flights will only keep them in top shape and stay healthy for many years,especially after the breeding season,into the molting season,up till early fall when the song training period began.
  • Feeding waterslagers: The main diet for the Belgian waterslagers is the canary mix seed,along with some green food ,nestling food,and soak seed, especially during the breeding season,with daily baths,keep them sharp and their fathers looking good all the time.
  • Training waterslagers: Any male waterslager could sing,but training them how is the difference between an average singer and a great one.Each year, around mid September, the song training start in three parts:

1-During the first few days, the young males will be put in the usual training cages, in order to get use the space, food and water access.

2-Putting the training cages in semi darkness for a few days while listing the tutor singing,and eating at the same time.

3-Plunging the training cages in a total darkness for up to 3 weeks, by allowing the birds access to food and water twice a day for about 20 minutes in light.

  • You can never have a perfect singer, that is why each year, every waterslager breeder starts all over again hoping to achieve that goal, and that to me is very exciting, and I do enjoy it very much.